BluSky Trading Company provides funded futures accounts up to $100,000 with just 8 trading days required with a 90/10 profit split and withdrawals that are processed daily.


  • No minimum days until the first profit withdrawal

  • Up to 90% profit share

  • Instant withdrawal process

  • Daily loss on the funded account doesn’t fail your account, it just stops you from trading on that day

  • One-time pro account fee with no monthly fees

  • Powerful trading platforms

  • Good choice of futures markets


  • News trading is not allowed

  • 30% consistency rule

  • Cannot hold positions overnight or on weekends

  • Limited free trading platforms

  • Futures trading only, no forex

  • Only two funded accounts open at once.

  • 100k account cannot be combined with a different-size account

  • No free trial

There are four different BluSky Trading evaluation options for you to choose from:

  • $25K account

  • $50K account

  • $100K account

Each evaluation account gives a free NinjaTrader license to be used with BluSky credentials, One-on-One mentoring, and $85 evaluation resets. While in the review phase, you can also trade the news if you like.

The following benefits are yours after you get funded and pass the evaluation account stage:

  • $0 Monthly Data Fees

  • $85 (One-Time) Setup Fee – No Monthly Fees

  • 80% Profit (up to 90%)

  • Ability to withdraw daily (ACH, PayPal, Crypto)

  • No minimum trade days to withdraw

BlueSky Trading Company offers a competitive offering with a scalable plan and a generous 90/10 percent profit-sharing policy. Trading rules are straightforward and the objectives are simple. Professional trading platforms offer good trading conditions and a wide range of financial instruments.