Prop Trader Account Management Tool

Any Prop Trader should have this tool. You will see your Trailing Drawdown / Trailing Threshold in real-time, along with some other useful account statistics. In addition, you can see three percentage levels from your drawdown on the chart to keep your account in good condition.

Also included are flexible Stop Losses on break even or Trailing Stop, as well as bracket orders if you prefer. If there is no Stop Loss order attached to an open position - or if your current Stop Loss amount exceeds % of your Trailing drawdown - a warning will be displayed.

How to install this indicator.

Choosing the right values for your trading account is the most important step in setting up this tool. Each unique evaluation account must be set up only once. For accounts that have already been traded, you will need to enter the correct Auto Liquidation value, taken from your Prop Firm account, or Rithmic platform, and check the "Set/Reset field". You'll only need to do this once. If you tested the tool on a Simulation (Sim) account and reset your Sim101 or any other NT Sim account, you'll need to reset account values in the tool settings and check Set/Reset. Set/Reset box will automatically "uncheck" itself, once the account is set. You can change the percentage of Drawdown levels in the setting to better suit your needs.

Developer: Adtsystems

Trade Copier (Simple Ver. 2)

Here's a simple but effective trade copier (order replicator) add-on between Ninjatrader 8 accounts. It replicates orders from a Leader Account to multiple follower accounts. You would be able to cross ratio contracts mini-micro and vice versa, as well as cross instruments NQ and ES, as an example.

Caution: This Simple Trade Copier allows for an infinite looping of order copying, instantly getting you into a margin call and crashing Ninja, if not careful.

Developer: zacharydw00

Simple but useful Ninjatrader 8 addon that visually displays the following information on STOP and TARGET orders on your chart:

  • Number of contracts

  • Ticks from the average entry price

  • Value of potential P/L

  • The point value for stops and targets

  • Percentage of Accounts for stops and targets

  • Display format (T for ticks, P for points)

  • Support for showing/hiding the decorator labels based on the 'Show/Hide Chart Trader' configuration.

    Developer: Gemify

Trade/Order Decorator

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These tools and addons are found below and are provided free to use. By installing, and using in whole or in part any code posted in this forum you agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless NinjaTrader, LLC, its affiliates, and Prop Firm Deals from and against any claims, losses, liabilities, and expenses that may be incurred as a result having downloaded and/or used any or all of the available code.

Trade Copier (Free Version)

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Master Position and Follower Position are used, because of this trade copier's flexibility. The Accounts and Instruments can be mixed & matched in any way. For example, the Master Position could be Acct: TT12345 and Instr: /ES 03-24, and the Follower Position can also be Acct: TT12345 but Instr: /MNQ 03-24, so if the accounts are the same then neither is master or follower. The combination of account and instrument creates a Position (for the lack of a better term). While Master Account sounds better, it is inaccurate.

The Account selection and Instrument selection has been "properly" implemented vs. other trade copiers.

How it Works

  1. This trade copier only submits market orders to the Follower Positions.

  2. Market Orders are copied from the Master Position to the Follower Position(s) as soon as the order is submitted by NinjaTrader.

  3. Limit/Stop Orders are monitored on the Master Position to be Filled. As soon as NinjaTrader acknowledges a fill, a market order is submitted to the Follower Position(s). This can effectively be used to create "ghost" stop-losses for the Follower Position(s).

  4. The Quantity Ration settings scale up the number of contracts sent to the FP.

  5. Click the red/green button on the chart to enable/disable trade copying.

  • Check Follower Positions are Flat: When this is enabled, every time the MP is flat the FP is verified to be flat as well because it is easy to accidentally have the Trade Copier turned off while adding/removing positions to/from the MP. This tool waits 1.5 seconds for the broker to report back that FP is flat. If any FP is not reported as flat at that time, an Account. A flatten () command is issued, and a warning to the trader is issued. If you have automated strategies/systems running on any of the FP independent of this Trade Copier, then disable this option as it will flatten the positions of those automated systems.

  • ​​The FP setting is compared to the MP setting for infinite-order feedback loops. If one is found the TC disables itself, plays an alert sound, and displays an error message to the CC > Log tab and Alerts Log window.

  • Other less lethal checks are done as well, and send a message to the CC > Log tab and Alerts Log window.

  • You should ONLY use Sim accounts while testing and familiarizing yourself with this tool. And, of course, use it at YOUR OWN RISK !

    Developer: Zacharydw00

Safety Checks