With Earn2Trade, you can earn a funding trading account in 15 days and become a professional trader when you pass the trading challenge on a $25,000 or $50,000 virtual account. As a result, you'll be able to keep 80% of all profits from your $400,000 funded trading account. Earn2Trade is a prop firm focused on early trader education. Their mission is to provide mentorship to traders and connect them with a reputable partnering prop trading firm.

Earn2Trade welcomes traders of all levels, from newbies looking for a beginner crash course to experienced traders looking for funding. With educational videos and one-on-one mentoring, traders at Earn2Trade can climb the progression ladder and access a funded trading account quickly.



  • Ideal for futures traders

  • Excellent industry reputation

  • Great educational courses

  • Only 10 days required to pass

  • No recurring fees *

  • Fast funding options

  • Empowering technology


  • No MetaTrader

  • Limited to futures

Earn2Trade offers three trading challenges that traders can choose from:

  • The Gauntlet

  • The Gauntlet Mini

  • The Trader Career Path

The Gauntlet is a program where traders trade using virtual funds ($25,000) for 60 days. After completing the Gauntlet, traders join a partnering prop firm and access a live-funded account with more flexibility than the Trader Career Path or Gauntlet Mini program. To pass the Gauntlet, traders must hit profit targets while following the trading rules. The trading rules for the Gauntlet include:

  • Managing a $25,000.00 account for 60 days

  • Submitting a Trading Plan in the Dashboard

  • Trading a minimum of 30 days and once per week

  • Reaching a 10% profit target

  • 10% maximum drawdown

If you’re a skilled trader who prefers fewer restrictions on trading, then the Gauntlet is the best option. Traders who pass the Gauntlet enjoy maximum flexibility and can even be allowed to hold overnight positions.

The Gauntlet Mini is a one-step evaluation process. Traders who sign up for the Gauntlet Mini use virtual capital to prove their trading talents. One of the Mini’s best perks is that during the time of your subscription, you will have free access to Earn2Trade’s educational materials.

To complete the Mini, you must reach the profit target for your account size while following trading rules. The rules for the Gauntlet Mini include:

  • Trading for a minimum of 15 trading days

  • Not exceeding the daily loss limit

  • Not exceeding the maximum position of opened contracts **

  • Staying within the minimum account balance

  • Trading only during approved times

  • Following the “Maintain Consistency” rule

After completing the Mini, Earn2Trader rewards you with a live trading account from a partnering prop firm. The account size with the new prop firm will be the same as the starting size of your Gauntlet Mini account.

The Gauntlet Mini is an excellent option for intraday traders who have the skill for futures trading but lack the capital. It’s also a strong choice for inexperienced traders, as you get free access to the educational content that Earn2Trade offers.

However, if you’re looking to trade larger amounts of capital, the Mini may not be your best option; the highest account size is $200,000, while the Trader Career Path funds up to $400,000.

Trader Career Path is a scaling plan that enables professional traders to grow their account sizes step by step. With the Trader Career Path, traders have a clear plan where they can work their way up to funded accounts with as much as $400,000.

The first stage of the Trader Career Path is an evaluation where you trade with virtual capital while following trading rules. Trading rules include:

  • Trading for a minimum of 10 days

  • Only trading during the approved times

  • Following the progression ladder **

  • Honoring the daily loss limit

  • Staying within the minimum account balance rules

  • Maintain consistency

After passing the Trader Career Path evaluation, you can access a live funded account from one of Earn2Trade’s prop firm partners. Traders can choose between an account with an initial capital of $25,000 or $50,000.

* Traders who pass our funding evaluations will no longer be required to pay the $139 setup fee upfront using their own capital. Funded traders can withdraw their profits every week, with the minimum withdrawal amount at $100. However, for the first withdrawal only, profits must be sufficient to cover both the minimum withdrawal amount and the one-time setup fee. This means the trader needs at least $239 in profits ($100 + $139 setup fee) to make a first withdrawal.

** Starting March 1st,2024 if you exceed the number of contracts allowed by the Progression Ladde rule, it will no longer result in a failed evaluation. Instead, your evaluation account will be temporarily blocked for the remainder of the day. Earn2Trade will remove the block during the market close so you can resume trading after the market reopens without having to reset your evaluation account.

Trader Career Path

The Gauntlet Mini

The Gauntlet