Take Profit Trader

As one of the few one-step funding companies, Take Profit Trader takes the hassle out of funding. You can achieve your potential as a trader by using their unique evaluation process. Their platform is free of any frills or gimmicks and simplifies the process of making sustainable profits with Take Profit Trader capital.


  • 50% lifetime discount on any account.

  • 50% off PRO reset.

  • With the 50% discount, the $600 fee for resetting a funded account will be reduced to $300. Up to three (3) resets per funded account.

  • The lifetime discount applies until you cancel or pass the evaluation. If you let the bill get rebilled, the evaluation will be reset.

  • 10 Minimum trading days are required to pass any evaluation.

  • No minimum days until the first withdrawal.

  • Immediate withdrawal process.

  • One-time Pro Account fee / no monthly fees.

  • Multiple accounts can be copied and traded as one.

  • Live support 11 hours per day.

Take Profit Trader offers the following account sizes:

  • $25K account

  • $50K account

  • $75K account

  • $100K account

  • $150K account

Once you become a Pro Trader, your monthly fees go away. Only a one-time setup fee of $130 is required and you are up and running.