Apex Trader Funding

The success of Apex Trader Funding is a testament to the company's commitment to providing full-time employment to serious traders. Their multiple trading evaluations provides a perfect combination of challenge and opportunity, making it an ideal stepping stone for those who are eager to fully immerse themselves in the world of day trading.

Traders who see their future in the markets benefit from Apex Trader Funding, which goes beyond just being a prop firm, but is also a partner in their trading journey who celebrates their wins and provides genuine guidance and support as they grow.

  • Diverse trading evaluations available, tailored to please different trading styles and risk tolerances

  • Regular discounted price offers

  • Industry leader with profits splits (90/10)

  • Generous payout plan, receive 100% of the first $25,000 per account and 90% beyond that

  • Two (2) payouts per month (15th and last day of the month).

  • Only 7 trading days to complete the evaluation.

  • Full-sized contracts trading during evaluations or funded accounts

  • No scaling rules

  • No daily drawdowns

  • Trade on Holidays allowed

  • No news trading restriction

  • No total cap on the maximum payout

  • One-step evaluation process

  • Real-time market data included

  • Simple risk management rules

  • Trade with multiple accounts up to 20 max

  • Evaluation process can be challenging for beginners or inexperienced traders

  • Evaluations are limited to futures trading only

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So, what's the catch? No catch.

Just follow some simple rules to experience trading without risking your money and with the potential to get paid.

1. You have to pass the exam, hitting the profit without hitting the drawdown. Trade a minimum of 7 days to pass.

2. You keep the first $25,000 in profits when funded.

3. After the first $25,000, we keep 10% and you keep 90% of profits.

4. Instead of risking your capital, you're allowing us a percentage of profits.

5. You don't have to worry about crashes, flash crashes, losing all your savings, trading stupid, among other things.

Apex Trader Funding wants to empower you to move forward to a paid/funded account so you can get paid with affordable, simple to pass funding evaluations, and come with minimal restrictions.